Delivering Value

GTA understands that if we deliver value consistently, we will be successful and our clients will reward us accordingly.  We also understand that in addition to price, value is delivered through innovation, execution, and creative problem solving.  Thus in addition to our services portfolio, GTA prides itself on developing customized, value-based solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, with this process reflected below.



For a major European carrier, we developed a 3-year plan to migrate internal IT to a private cloud, reducing IT costs, simplifying operations and maintenance, and improving access and economies of scale. Highlights of our solution included:

- Definition of the transformation strategy, tools, methodologies.
- Requirements collection and analysis for on-demand services, usage based charging, SLA/OLAs, and overall operation.
- Transformation of OSS/BSS to next gen web-model operations.
- Definition of services, application store, charging methodology, and customization.
- Cloud services operations (management, configuration, resource allocation, E2E provisioning, security, tiered charging, and SLA/OLA monitoring.

For a major equipment manufacturer, we developed RF designs and provided implementation/deployment support for multiple LTE network launches and CDMA modernizations for multiple markets across several states. Highlights of our solution included:

- Link budget and propagation model definition and selection.
- Market level coverage designs including model tuning, coverage maps, cell counts, and CW drive testing.
- Search ring release and coordination with site acquisition and other teams.
- Site surveys, candidate reviews, and site approvals.
- Final design including antenna selection, antenna orientation/tilt, power settings, neighbor lists, etc.
- Site build verification and documentation review.

RF process
For a major equipment manufacturer, we developed and implemented a proof-of-concept business intelligence solution, providing near real time access to key network deployment data and statistics, ultimately paving the way to reduced reporting costs, increased operational effectiveness, and accelerated network deployment. Highlights of our solution included:

- Integration of multiple data sources covering hundreds of data types (activity, schedule, equipment, resources, etc.) and near unlimited number of data points for a national LTE deployment.
- Development of interactive dashboards with browsable access to data and statistics, including historical and trending analysis.
- Drill-down access to low level data (e.g. cluster and site).
- Simplification and reduction of reporting requirements via access to historical and current data.
- Intuitive forecasting via user-manipulated click-to-view data analysis.

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