Analysis / Consulting

Success in today’s competitive marketplace just doesn’t “happen.” It is achieved through innovative and strategic thinking, careful planning, and controlled execution. For network operators, this often starts with robust understanding of the market, a keen vision into the industry and technology direction, and a specific and detailed strategy that focuses on both expectations and results.

GTA’s advanced technology consulting services provide telecom equipment manufactures and wireless operators with insights and guidance to address these areas critical to long term success. Our associates leverage their deep knowledge and experience with leading technologies, along with the company’s proven problem-solving approach, to develop and implement optimal technology solutions for our clients.

Highlights of our analysis and consulting activities include:

  • Requirements definition
  • Market analysis
  • Business plan development and financial modeling
  • Services definition
  • Vendor and technology assessment
  • Prototype testing
  • Spectrum utilization / interference analysis
  • Network audits


Planning / Network Design

Given today’s competitive pressures, many service providers are turning to advanced technologies to address new markets, increase operational efficiencies, and provide the platform for future growth. With the industry tenure of our typical associate approaching 15 years, we are well-positioned to assist clients with addressing network design challenges.


Functional areas of our experience include:


Our technology expertise spans all key technologies including LTE, WiMAX, UMTS/ HSDPA, CMDA/EvDO, GSM, IP/IM/VoIP, In-Building/DAS, and fiber / microwave technologies. Our vendor-specific experience includes:

  • Tier 1 OEMs – Ericsson, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, Intel, Alatel-Lucent Nokia, Samsung, Huawei.
  • Industry- specific tools and software – Gladiator, TEMS, Agilent, Actix, iBwave, PlaNET, ATOLL, Granite, Optimi, MapInfo, Pathloss, Metrica.

Highlights of our planning and network design activites include:

  • Wi-Fi engineering
  • Architecture definition
  • Network modeling
  • Topology selection
  • Traffic engineering
  • Network design
  • System and link dimensioning
  • RFP development and evaluation
  • Vendor evaluation
  • RF engineering
  • Launch planning

Implementation / Deployment

Large scale networks deployments present stakeholders with complex challenges that cross organizational boundaries, strain resources, and stretch process and management capabilities. Our experienced program managers and deployment specialists leverage proven deployment methodologies to account for these challenges before they become problems, ensuring that networks can be deployed on time and on budget.

Highlights of our implementation and deployment activities include:

  • Full suite of regulatory compliance services
  • Systems and test engineering
  • Program management
  • Construction management
  • Technology and service deployment
  • System configuration
  • Installation oversight
  • Technology and system training
  • Spectrum clearing


Measurement / Improvement

With a continued focus on the Next Big Thing in the wireless industry, there exists a tendency to overlook the benefits of a structured approach to measuring and improving network performance. In the absence of such an approach and as network capacities near their limits, wireless service providers may compromise quality of service and network performance, ultimately increasing both operational cost and customer churn.

GTA offers a suite of services to assist carriers and service providers with network operation and maintenance in a cost effective manner. Highlights of our measurement and improvement actives include:

  • Network audits
  • RF and network optimization
  • Drive testing
  • SLA monitoring
  • Performance engineering
  • NOC / Tech support
  • Order entry and provisioning
  • Database review and reconciliation
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