GINA Platform

GINA Platform

Ultimate Efficiency and Speed in Network Management

As data usage increases with more subscribers watching streaming videos, uploading pictures and using cloud-based services and as we move toward a world where all machines are wirelessly connected to other machines, networks become larger and more complex to manage. In order to address the challenges of today’s complex networks traditional manual approaches have become insufficient and slow in detecting and responding to network problems. Communication service providers require flexible solutions that automate processes and integrate network data from various sources allowing for complete network optimization and integration to ensure continuous delivery of a quality subscriber experience.

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The GINA platform provides a web based solution with unparalleled flexibility and scalability that integrates multiple data sources into one screen and leverages automation technologies to deliver valuable network and subscriber intelligence. All of this happens with just a few clicks of the mouse resulting in increased operational and engineering efficiencies and faster response time to network issues. With a flexible user interface and a wide range of display and usage options GINA helps telecom engineers become more effective in their daily tasks by enabling them to easily customize their work environments and reach efficiency levels that are not possible by manual means.

GINA’s Proprietary Architecture Enables Data Collection…




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