GINA Modules

GINA Modules

Monitor the Vital Signs of Your Network

GINA’s ability to capture network wide data is leveraged by the GINA modules to provide valuable network customer intelligence. Network wide issues can be easily detected, correlated, analyzed, and reported.

Foundational Modules

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The foundational modules collect all of the useful data into one place allowing the user to quickly display only the data that is relevant for a specific task. All of the foundational modules can handle additional data fields to accommodate your unique requirements.

Site Data

The Site Data Module manages the site locations, antenna types and configuration and implemented technologies.

Configuration Management

The Configuration Module addresses network based data such as handover parameters, power levels and Physical Cell Identifiers (PCI).

Performance Management

The Performance Module graphs Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allowing the user to zoom in on specific periods based on selectable filter criteria.

Fault Management

The Fault Module correlates alarm data with configuration, drive test, and other information greatly reducing the time to identify and resolve problems.

Drive Test Data

The Drive Test Module displays drive test measurements allowing the user to select individual data points to display detailed information.

Analytic Modules

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Basic ANR

Automatic neighbor cell configuration to improve handover efficiency.

  • Analyzes current neighbor list and priority of neighbors
  • Analyzes handover matrix from switch data
  • Optimizes neighbor list and refines priority of neighbors



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Worst Cell

Identifies the worst cells over a defined period based on specified KPIs.

  • Helps in locating major issues in the network
  • Can provide major network issues over last 24 hours
  • Provides for a low hanging starting point in optimization



New Site Resized-01

New Site

For any new site, identifies PN/PCI & provides neighbor list.

  • For each new site added to network, based on:
    -Location of new site
    -Location of surrounding sites
  • Calculates optimal PN/PCI code
  • Calculates optimal neighbor list.



Before&After Resized-01

Before and After

Helps compare network performance after an event or a network change.

  • Compares network during and after a special event
  • Track optimization and capacity improvements
  • Track and compare team performance on network improvement



Dashboard Resized-01


Provides market and regional level executive summary of network health and performance.

  • Critical KPI Summary
  • Performance snapshot at predefined levels (market/regional)
  • Critical red flags
  • All info presented through easy to read graphs and tables
  • Viewable on any device using any operating system


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