GINA Experience

GINA Experience

Geo Intelligent Network Analytics

GINA combines data from multiple sources into a Geo Intelligent display of all the relevant data where and when you need it. You can choose map layers, the data fields that pop up with the click of a mouse and which customized reports to generate to help you zero in on the most critical network issues maximizing your time because all of the information you need for Network Analytics is contained in a single display.

As part of GTA’s solutions, GINA highlights the areas that require urgent attention and is the basis for GTA’s systematic approach for unleashing the full potential of your network. As an operator you can benefit from the value of solutions based on GINA. Engineers on your team who are working with GTA can use GINA directly to gain additional insights and to ensure seamless collaboration with GTA.


Maximizes insights by collecting all of the relevant data into a single application and displaying data that is contextually relevant with the click of a mouse which enables:

  • Easy root cause analysis
  • Examination of the end-to-end user experience

Eliminates a multitude of legacy applications by integrating disjointed data sets and functionalities into one tool for planning, monitoring, troubleshooting, and analysis:

  • The utilization of engineering time is improved
  • Decision cycles are accelerated
  • Proactively monitoring the network status
  • Fast responses through smart alarms
  • Minimizing customer impact of critical issues by greatly reducing response

Better use of engineering time leads to reduced operational expense and optimal use of capital


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