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Solutions for a Wireless World

Global Technology Associates – GTA is a leading independent provider of high-value engineering, technology, and business consulting services to the telecommunications industry.

Our business is assisting clients with maximizing infrastructure potential and evolving networks and services to address market opportunities.  We leverage our talented and experienced consultants to execute through technical excellence, proven methodologies, and a commitment to providing superior service.

Bridging the gap between business and technology, GTA provides a wide range of services tailored to address our client needs.

Prepare for What’s Next

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The telecommunications industry continues to revolutionize how businesses and people operate and interact. With our distinctive blend of technical aptitude and business acumen, GTA understands where the industry is headed, and is uniquely positioned to help clients prepare for future challenges.  Every day our associates assist clients with the preparation of what’s next with their services, networks, and organization.

Transform Your Network


With increasing financial and operational pressures, businesses are frequently turning to technology and networks to address marketplace demands.  Our associates have been on the wireless technology forefront since the dawn of cellular networks, and they pride themselves on their technology prowess.  With experience ranging from architecture design to network optimization, our associates routinely assist clients with network transformation to address the ever changing demands of today’s business environment.

Capture New Opportunities


Success in today’s telecommunications environment is often the result of innovative services delivered via broadband capabilities. With LTE deployment fully underway, the already weakened boundaries between service providers will continue to erode, thus opening up additional opportunities for those positioned to react in a rapid and cost-effective manner.  Across the globe GTA associates provide strategic management guidance to assist clients with making the most of such opportunities.

Hit Your Targets


As a trusted partner, GTA succeeds only when our clients excel at achieving their goals and objectives.  Our associates leverage this principle daily, and take pride in delivering high quality services and deliverables integral to our client’s success.  GTA understands that our success is directly linked to yours, and our associates work side-by-side with clients to address their most important and complex challenges.  Simply put, our mission is your success.

Our Culture

As a professional services company, GTA recognizes that our people are our most valuable asset, reflecting both the face of our company and our core values.  With our core values driving our culture, we feel it important to acknowledge and honor those values throughout each engagement.  GTA core values are:

  • Integrity- We expect our associates to act with the highest levels of professionalism, being open, honest, and forthright across all business practices and client engagements.
  • Excellence- We strive to achieve excellence  by hiring and maintaining the best engineers, technologists, program managers, and other staff, based on educational backgrounds, “can do” attitudes, industry experience, and a focus on company and client success.
  • Client Focus- Our focus is our client. We endeavor to create value for our clients, understanding that when our clients succeed, we succeed.
  • Respect- Respect for each other, our clients and our business partners. We pride ourselves on our diversity, and respect our associates via an environment of inclusion, cultural understanding, mutual respect, professional development, and open communication.
  • Create Value- We strive to continuously grow by seeking new projects, new clients, and, new services to provide our clients; we strive to increase our efficiency in all that we do, and reduce waste and cost across our organization to create shareholder value and share our success with our associates.
  • Fun- We pride ourselves on creating a fun environment for our associates by comradery, activities and flexibility. We continually reinvent ways for our associates to enjoy what they do.
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